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What is a Building Survey?

...and why would anybody need one?

In short, a building survey is a detailed report by a qualified Chartered Building Surveyor providing an evaluation on either the whole of your property or just a specific defect. Potential buyers often have a survey undertaken as it enables an overall understanding of the building and any defects in the property. These final reports often play a big part in influencing your final decision on whether or not the property is right for you.

Perhaps you are concerned about a defect in your home? Maybe you need a list of maintenance requirements for a new property and are in need of a HomeBuyers Report? We even help with boundary disputes between you and a neighbour. Hull Right Surveyors offer a wide range of different building surveys and we would love to help you safely invest in your perfect home.

Whatever your concerns, George and his team will aid you in making that important decision of whether or not the property is right for you, with their specific and specialist knowledge of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire area.

Continue reading for more information about our four main surveys.

We provide a range of services to our clients in the Hull area. These are just some of the specialist property services we offer:

  • HomeBuyers Report (RICS)
  • House Purchase Survey Report
  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • Verbal Acquisition Advice
  • Buildings Reinstatement Valuations
  • Experts reports for court purposes
Right Surveyors Building Surveys in Hull

Surveys and Assessments

These are just some of the specialist property services we offer in the Hull area:

  • Full Building Survey (RICS)
  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning advice

Is Hull too far away?

If you are just outside the Hull area, then don’t worry, another trusted member of the Right Surveyors team may well be able to help you.

For details on all of our practices and to find your local property professional easily, visit the Right Surveyors hub.

Pre-purchase Surveys

One of our main areas of expertise is providing pre-purchase surveys for residential home buyers, often a HomeBuyers Report or one of our own bespoke surveys. This makes us experts at helping you move house. We look at your property and tell you what defects are lurking, giving you advice on how to combat these problems.

A Bespoke Service

The type of inspection needed varies from client to client, property to property, budget to budget. In our opinion, this means that getting advice suited to you and your property before the survey is undertaken is crucial. At Hull Right Surveyors, George adapts his services and advice to you and your property’s individual needs.

Our main property services...

RICS HomeBuyer Report in Hull - Red brick wall

RICS HomeBuyer Report

Introduced in July 2009, this survey is often referred to as the HomeBuyer Survey. It focuses on the problems concerning the property which could decrease its value, such as building defects. After receiving the detailed HomeBuyers report, the client is able to make a well informed decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase, negotiate the price, or find a different property altogether.

The Homebuyers Report may not be as detailed as other surveys, such as the House Purchase Survey Report or the Full Building Survey, but it remains very popular as it is a cost-effective way to evaluate modern properties. It is concise and simple with a user-friendly design.

Houses that were built in or before early 1900s may not suit the HomeBuyers Report, it is limited in the depth of detail included in the report. Clients wanting a more thorough survey may prefer to go with the House Purchase Survey Report or Full Building Survey.

House Purchase Survey Report - Ceramic tiling

House Purchase Survey Report

This survey is carried out by Hull’s local building surveyor and takes features from the Full Building Survey, but is summarised into a smaller survey at a lower cost. This is our most popular option and has helped out a lot of property buyers.

This report focuses on what you need to know and is still of high quality, providing you with all the relevant information that you need to make an advised decision regarding your purchase. Similar to the HomeBuyers Report, the HSPR is directed at areas that are specifically affecting the value of the property whilst also finding defects that can affect day-to-day life.

The House Purchase Survey also covers a lot of areas that the RICS Full Building Survey covers, such as ventilation, structural movement, timber, damp, joinery, etc. However, the House Purchase Survey avoids excessive detail, making it a cost-effective alternative. This survey is suitable for all types of properties – whether, small, large, old, new, residential or commercial.

RICS Building Survey - Large stone render

RICS Building Survey

This personalised and thorough survey is the broadest service available from our RICS building surveyors. The report consists of a well detailed assessment of any issues with the property, guidance on the next steps to take and an estimate of the expected repair costs of any issues found. The surveyor’s analytical inspection of the property, along with the well detailed report will be tailored to your personal requirements.

Special allowances can be made for drainage evaluations and structural inspections. If required, further additions can include detailed comments on specific defects and costings.

A RICS Full Building Survey should only be carried out by a qualified Chartered Building Surveyor. The survey demands expert knowledge in predicting and diagnosing structural defects. Our professional building surveyors are on hand and available, we have the potential to save you thousands of pounds on costly future repairs.

Single Fault Assessment - Half exposed brickwork

Single Fault Assessment

George has many years of surveying experience, allowing him to add a Single Fault Assessment service to his repetoire of surveys in Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. This assessment involves a building surveyor analysing a particular defect or fault in a property and providing an official letter describing the findings and suggesting a number of possible solutions.

This service also contains guidance on the potential cause/causes of the defect, as well as its severity and any possible solutions. The service can vary but the first stage is always a thorough discussion with the client.

This service is usually undertaken when property owners are concerned over obvious defects, such as significant cracks or damp on a particular wall. The Single Fault Assessment can be useful for building insurance claims as a follow up to a mortgage valuation which highlights a particular concern.

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