Buying a home? Our surveyor can help...

House Purchase Survey

Our own bespoke format of building survey and the most popular option we offer. A good combination of comprehensive detail and value for money...

RICS Building Survey

Never more detailed than when compiled by a chartered building surveyor, the RICS’s top level survey is particularly suitable for larger, more complex properties...

RICS HomeBuyer Report

Focused on the financial viability of your investment, this report picks up on defects which might impact upon the recoverable value of the asset...

Single Fault Assessment

A letter-style report focused on analysing a single concerning defect, often used during insurance claims or following a mortgage valuation...

"Good morning, Can I just say a big thank you, to you for all your help in this process. My partner Jessica and I look to complete on the property in the early part of next month at a further reduced price of £180k. Both the surveys you have carried out for us showed these services to be not only cost effective in the short term. But also saved us from headaches in the longer term that we wouldn’t have been foreseen prior to exchange. We will undoubtably use your service again in the future and we will also advise others to do the same"

Why? Who?

Why instruct a surveyor?

This RICS video can tell you why

The video makes it pretty clear why you might want to instruct a firm for a survey on your behalf, with home buyers typically shelling out £5,750 on repairs once they’ve moved in. A survey can help you avoid properties that carry a hefty hidden repair bill and put your money in a solid investment.

Our building surveys include professional advice on serious defects like wood rot, structural movement and damp. We work hard on offering prompt delivery and we always offer a friendly, personable service.

Hull's Professional, Local Surveying Practice

Who are Hull Building Surveyors?

Hull’s specialist building surveyors

Like any profession, chartered surveyors come in all sorts of categories and qualities. Unlike many general practice firms, we offer our services from a specialist chartered building surveyor – someone who has trained specifically in defect diagnosis for over 20 years.

George is not a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ surveyor, he is a specialist whose core focus is on assisting home buyers and investors with their purchase. His knowledge of Hull’s particular building stock and its flaws is extensive and his advice is comprehensive.

Specialist services available in Hull

Purchase advice delivered on site by a chartered surveyor - Photo of man and woman and clipboard by

Verbal Acquisition Advice

On a tight budget? Running out of time?

For any survey, you always pay about half for the time on site and half office time. The surveyor has to write and proof the report, which naturally costs money.

With Verbal Acquisition Advice, you pay just for the time on site. Instead of a written breakdown of the findings, you get a verbal one – which saves you both time and money. The level of inspection is the same as for a full building survey and you can take your own notes on site.

Advice on the party wall act delivered by a building surveyor - Photo of red door and window by

Property Valuations

Our expert valuer can assist

Our Director, George Passey FRICS, is a property valuation professional with many years of experience. He undertakes property valuations for all types of residential and commercial property. In his local Yorkshire area, George provides property valuations for anything from large value individual houses to small homes.

A property valuation can be required for many reasons, and George can help whether the valuation is to purchase a new home, for matrimonial or probate purposes, the purchase of commercial property or a valuation assessment of a property portfolio.

Advice on a building defect delivered by a chartered building surveyor - Photo of terraced houses by

Specific Defect Analysis

Our expert chartered building surveyor knows his defects

Whilst a general practice surveyor can give you an overall view of a property’s condition, no chartered surveyor can provide advice on defects like a chartered building surveyor can.

The difference is that a building surveyor chose a pathway to qualification which focused heavily on defect analysis (pathology). As a building surveyor, George can offer advice on any form of defect which is worrying you – often after a mortgage valuation or for insurance purposes.

Pinning us down is easy!

Hull Surveyors is a trading name of Right Surveyors Yorkshire Ltd, serving Hull and the surrounding area. Company Registration Number: 08042614.
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